Youth Community Council

The Youth Community Council of Bad Liebenzell was the first in the entire district of Calw and has been in existence since 1995. At the elections in November 2019 a new Youth Community Council was elected for two years, consisting of fourteen members and two successors.

The members all have different interests and abilities, which flow into the work of the Youth Community Council. The young people learn to organise independently and to assume responsibility. The Youth Community Council sees its task in representing the interests of all the young people of Bad Liebenzell in a responsible way and in offering attractive leisure activities for young people.

What is the Youth Community Council?

We are the Youth Community Council of Bad Liebenzell. It consists of 14 members aged between 13 and 21 years. Our term of office is two years.

We support the interests and concerns of the young people in Bad Liebenzell and its suburbs.

What does the Youth Community Council do?

An annual budget lets us organise and support events and projects. Public meetings take place at regular intervals in the town hall of Bad Liebenzell, where future projects and plans of the town are discussed and announced. The Youth Community Council is a committee of the town of Bad Liebenzell.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Franziska Schwemmle by e-mail: or by phone: +49 7052/9309931.

Service Center

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Livestream zur Einwohnerversammlung am 22.10.2020

Die Einwohnerversammlung findet in diesem Jahr sowohl im Spiegelsaal als auch in Kooperation mit der Technik AG der Reuchlin-Schule online statt.
Den Livestream finden Sie unter

Am Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2020, um 19:00 Uhr sollen im Spiegelsaal folgende Themen angesprochen werden:

1. Blutspenderehrung
2. Finanzzwischenbericht
3. Bauliche Entwicklung
4. Stadtsanierung
5. Bebauung Ochsenareal
6. Breitbandversorgung
7. Freizeit und Tourismus Bad Liebenzell GmbH
8. Verschiedenes

Der Livestream wird am 22.10.2020 um circa 18:45 Uhr starten.
Fragen können dann telefonisch über eine eingeblendete Telefonnummer an uns gestellt werden.