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Our renowned spa town is situated in the picturesque Nagold valley adjoining the northern Black Forest. It offers people an attractive living and recreational experience. Numerous cultural offers as well as the lively club life provide variety in our spa and parts of the town. You can find all you need to know about our associations, churches and politics, various institutions and our events here. Of course, my staff and I are available to clarify any personal concerns by phone or in person. Have fun exploring Bad Liebenzell.


31. July 2020

Development of the Ochsenareal – Development plan approved and development process initiated

The project plan for the development of the Ochsenareal was presented to the municipal council at the beginning of 2018. The committee decided to draw up the development plan for the Ochsenareal through an accelerated procedure in order to secure the urban development. This was a core element of the project’s approval. 


29. July 2020

Energy renovation at the Reuchlin schools with another subsidy of EUR 1,761 million – Awards and authorisations adopted

Mayor Dietmar Fischer was able to give the public some very good news right at the start of the municipal council meeting.

The state is supporting the town's energy-related renovation measures with another fantastic grant of EUR 1,761 million from the so-called "equalisation fund".


29. July 2020

Requirement planning covering childcare facilities for 2020/21 – Agreed kindergarten fees waived for April / May 2020

During the July meeting of the municipal council, the committee decided unanimously on the requirement planning for the coming kindergarten year after holding preliminary consultations with the school, cultural and social committees.

Around 410 places are available for children in the eight daycare facilities in Bad Liebenzell, all of which are all almost full.


29. July 2020

Reconstruction of the Polarion bridge across the Nagold

During its July council meeting, the council approved the award of the contracts for the demolition, delivery and installation. The bridge is in an unsatisfactory condition due to the instability of the central support column and the damaged planking. The demolition, the net cost of which will be EUR ca. 110,000.00 will be carried out by Otto Morof Tief- und Straßenbau GmbH from Althengstett. The new aluminium bridge with a width of 3.50 m and a length of 25 m will be installed as a complete unit by Glück GmbH from Engen/Welschingen for a net price of EUR ca. 154,000.00. The administration will receive a subsidy from the "Municipal bridge renovation fund" amounting to EUR 160,000.00 for the reconstruction.

29. July 2020

Demolition of the building at Kirchstraße 39

Due to the forthcoming summer break, the municipal council gave the administration authority to award the contract for the demolition / dismantling of the building at Kirchstrasse 39 (including disposal) during its meeting on 21 July 2020. The then owner was requested by the Calw District Office to renovate the outer wall on the valley side and submit proof of stability back in 2000. A demolition application was filed in March 2007 but nothing happened despite numerous requests being made. Bad Liebenzell exercised its purchase option in 2019. This building, which is in danger of collapsing, will now be demolished. The estimated net costs amount to EUR 200,000.00, 60% of which will be borne by the state of Baden-Württemberg as part of the Urban Renewal III project.

29. July 2020

Mill area urban planning competition – Results of the public survey

Ms Dickmann and Ms Kupferschmid from Stadtentwicklung GmbH Stuttgart presented the results of the public survey at the last meeting of the municipal council. Following the site visit and the subsequent presentation on 7 July 2020, it was still possible to submit the hard copy of the survey questionnaire or its soft copy via a website up to 17 July 2020.


18. June 2020

In the Bad Liebenzell outdoor pool, the swimming season begins on June 20, 2020

“After a long wait, we will at last be able to start the 2020 outdoor pool season at Bad Liebenzell's outdoor pool this Saturday, the 20th of June 2020. The preparations for this season have been in full swing since the beginning of March, but then came the coronavirus and from one day to the next it was uncertain whether there would even be an outdoor pool season this year. The outdoor pool team were undeterred by the unfortunate situation and they continued to prepare the pool for the outdoor season and to ensure its normal quality.



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