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Bad Liebenzell

Bad Liebenzell lies in a sunny extension of the Nagold valley, surrounded by the wooded slopes of the Black Forest. A striking landmark is the 12th century Liebenzell Castle, which towers high above the town. Since the 15th century Bad Liebenzell has been known for its healing springs, which can be used in various forms to increase well-being. With its numerous attractions, such as the Paracelsus thermal baths, the spa gardens, the SOPHI park, the open air pool and the romantic Monbachtal valley, the spa resort of Bad Liebenzell offers a wide range of activities for all ages.


Beinberg is rightly regarded as one of the best preserved forest villages (with a longitudinal layout) in Germany. This type of settlement is characterised by the clearly structured sequence of use of yard, house garden, field, pasture and forest as well as using parallel hedgerows to restrict the movements of hooved animals. The yards have a direct connection to the field with parcels of land perpendicular to the village road, which are about one kilometre long.

Beinberg with its longitudinal nature trail is a popular starting point for hikes and is situated at an altitude of 570 m on the west side of Bad Liebenzell.


621 m above sea level, Maisenbach-Zainen is the highest district of Bad Liebenzell and its first mention in documents dates back 800 years. It was incorporated into the municipality of Bad Liebenzell in 1974. While Maisenbach has the typical longitudinal forest village layout, Zainen was established as a workers’ settlement as late as the 18th century. Zainen was also built as a scattered village. In contrast to the forest village, this is characterised by a rather irregular ground plan.


The climatic health resort of Monakam is situated in the middle of magnificent forests, bordered by the Nagold and Monbach valleys at an altitude of 530 m above sea level. The late Gothic altar shrine from 1497 deserves special attention. This is a Passion altar whose representation is exclusively dedicated to the events of Good Friday. The holiday settlement of “Hähren”, built in the 1970s and 80s, has been used as a residential area for a long time. The aim is to permanently unite the two spatially separate settlement areas. A first step was taken by the village centre, which was built 20 years ago at the junction of Old and New Monakam.

The designation and development of other areas has turned Monakam into the most populous district next to the spa town.


Möttlingen is surrounded by meadows and fields at an altitude of 535 m in a charming valley and has retained the village structure, such as the bakehouse on the village square. The Blumhardt Museum is also worth a visit. The Möttlingen district is a great attraction to people wanting to relocate from the Stuttgart and Böblingen/Sindelfingen areas. The designation of further building areas means that this district is now growing continuously.


Unterhaugstett is known above all for its beautifully situated 18-hole golf course. This spans 85 ha and is the frontrunner when it comes to national utilisation of golf courses in Germany. Nevertheless, Unterhaugstett is also known as an innovative business location. Due to the location of Bad Liebenzell along the narrow valley and the dense forestation of the other parts of the town, there are hardly any other areas available for commercial development. The existing commercial area along Stuttgarter Straße towards Möttlingen is to be expanded.


Unterlengenhardt attracts attention above all through its anthroposophical institutions such as the Paracelsus Hospital, the Burghalde Children’s Home and a Waldorf Kindergarten. Unterlengenhardt is one of the most important anthroposophical centres in Germany. It is therefore not surprising that the Ulmenhof is a farm managed according to the principles of Rudolf Steiner. In 1971 the district of Unterlengenhardt became part of the community of Bad Liebenzell.

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