Video conference with Villaines la Juhel – dates agreed for 2022

Thanks to an initiative from Günther Wallburg, chairman of the TA (Twinning Association), Mayor Fischer, Mr Komenda, head-office manager, and several members of the TA met in the conference room on June 30 to establish contact with their friends from Villaines la Juhel via a video conference.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has brought these meetings to a virtual standstill during the past 18 months.

First of all, the two mayors, Daniel Lenoir and Dietmar Fischer, reported on the current activities in their municipalities. The mutual dates and meetings were then discussed in depth. Nathalie Leroux (AVI), Roger Mir and Roland Renard, who are all from Villain, also participated along with the mayor. Denise Wallburg-Forestier and Teresa Bertrand were responsible for the translations.

A meeting in the Champagne region has been planned for the end of October this year. A visit by a married couple from the partnership is also planned, and they will come at the invitation of Bad Liebenzell.

A visit by a delegation to the New Year’s reception to be held in Villaines on January 14, 2022 is also on the 2022 agenda. It might also be possible to organise other events during this weekend in cooperation with Europe House in Laval.

The 30th anniversary of the partnership will take place in Bad Liebenzell from the 26th to the 29th May, 2022.

A youth exchange with Villaines la Juhel is planned for 2022 in order to continue this decades-long tradition.

Let us hope that the coronavirus situation will not stand in the way of the plans until then and that the decades-old friendships can be deepened and reinforced through these meetings.

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