Parking space deficit in the town centre/tourism area

Bad Liebenzell offers numerous cultural and tourist attractions that lead to a considerable demand for parking at weekends and during events especially in the summer months. The town is time and again faced with the challenge of integrating and handling the strong seasonal rush of tourist guests and visitors to the facilities with proper traffic management.

The intended further increase in the attractiveness of the tourist facilities, such as the ongoing renovation of the Kurhaus and the planned expansion of the Paracelsus spa will also contribute to increasing pressure for parking space and the already problematic traffic caused by the search for parking space.

In the municipal council meeting of 15/06/2021, the Planungsgruppe SSW GmbH from Ludwigsburg presented the analysis of the parking space requirements in the town centre and defined the measures to improve the parking situation, also taking into account the concerns of residents and customers. As a result, there is a further need for public parking spaces in the Paracelsus spa area, which is characterised by tourism, with the Kurhaus and spa park, as well as in the town centre, including the area around the railway station.

The surveys carried out in 2020 on the existing parking supply and management have provided important basic data and findings on the current parking situation. In order to be able to specify the existing and expected additional parking space requirements in the near future, the use-specific parking space requirements for the above-mentioned area under investigation were determined in the meantime in a further study step.

As a result of these investigations, Mr A. Weber (graduate engineer) from the Planungsgruppe SSW GmbH determined that

In summary, the planning office stated that a noticeable easing of the parking situation solely through a change in the modal split in favour of the means of environmentally friendly transport network (public transport, cycling, pedestrian traffic) cannot be classified as realistic against the background of the actual development. However, this statement does not mean that the general objective of strengthening the environmentally friendly transport network in terms of improving accessibility and under climate policy objectives is of secondary importance.

“However, in order to reduce the negative traffic and urban development effects of traffic caused by the search for parking spaces on the tourist image of the town of Bad Liebenzell and on the residential population concerned, it is imperative from a planning point of view that the existing parking space is noticeably expanded. At the same time, it is suggested that the demand for parking be controlled by means of appropriate management, so that the guests of the Paracelsus spa and the Kurhaus/spa park as well as the town centre can drive specifically to the parking focal points without generating traffic caused by the search for parking space,” according to the planning office.

The municipal council took note of the parking analysis and the parking space requirements.

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