Majority of the municipal council members against parking deck Paracelsus spa

In addition to the parking analysis in the area of the spa/Kurhaus/railway station, the municipal council meeting on 15 June this year also dealt with the political decision regarding the Paracelsus spa parking deck.

As the parking analysis for the town centre/tourism area showed (see separate report), there is already a parking deficit of 300 public parking spaces in this area during the summer months and especially at weekends, without taking into account further demand due to the attractiveness of the Kurhaus and the extension of the spa.

At the meeting, the administration also presented a concept for an energy self-sufficient, multi-storey car park with a PV system that would cover the car park’s own energy needs, including charging stations for e-bikes and e-cars. Such a system could generate about 240,000 kilowatt hours per year, cut about 11.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and pay for itself in 6.5 years.

While the CDU faction was in favour of a parking deck, the members of the factions of the Independent List and the Greens voted against the project, which is estimated at five million euros.

By majority vote, the municipal council decided to recommend to the supervisory board of Freizeit und Tourismus Bad Liebenzell GmbH to remove the parking deck from the medium-term financial planning.

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