“Wasenäcker” development plan in the district of Möttlingen was approved in draft form.

The municipal council approved the “Wasenäcker” draft plan at the meeting held on March 23  this year. The aim is to create further living space in order to be able to meet the constant, high demand. On the northern edge of the Möttlingen district, for example, an area that is currently partially developed is to be developed as building land in an attractive steep location.

According to the plan, building plots for 26 detached houses and 7 semi-detached houses are to be created. Blocks of flats (4 duplexes and 2 triplexes) are planned in the densely built inner area. The plan is available for inspection for one month. In addition, the authorities and other public bodies are also involved. After this procedural step, the suggestions and concerns are discussed again in the municipal council before the corresponding resolution on the statutes is passed so that project implementation (development) can then begin.

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