The 2021 budget was adopted for a multitude of projects and investments

The municipal council overwhelmingly approved the 2021 municipal budget of approximately 24,265 million euros at its meeting that was held on March 23, 2021.

When the business plans of the five municipal enterprises are included, the total volume amounts to an impressive 45 million euros, whereby the municipal enterprises for fibre-optic expansion (around 7.5 million euros), wastewater disposal (7.06 million euros) and water supply (5.15 million euros) projects help to make this total.

The town’s profit and loss budget shows a deficit of 2.74 million euros, which is not least due to the effects of the coronavirus crisis. The main factors for this deficit are increases in personnel costs, adjustments in the area of trade tax revenue, the municipal financial equalisation scheme and the renewed budgeting for high maintenance measures. The administration and the municipal council deliberately refrained from making tax and fee adjustments. Compared to 2020, the net amount ( fewer apportionments allocated) in the municipal financial equalisation scheme has fallen by 1.1 million euros. In the preliminary discussions, the municipal council was able to reduce its spendings by 150,000 euros and save around 800,000 euros in investment expenditure.

In the financial budget or investment area, the focus is on the renovation measures in the school area (town centre, Unterhaugstett and Möttlingen) with around 3.5 million euros allocated for 2021. In the area of day care centres, funding for Monakam and Unterlengenhardt is budgeted at 2.5 million euros for 2021 and 2.6 million euros for 2022. In the area of Freizeit und Tourismus Bad Liebenzell GmbH, a sponsor loan of 5 million euros and the advancing of funds for the technical extension of the spa and the renovation of the health resort have been put on hold. An amount of 1 million euros in expenditure is available for measures under town redevelopment III. Likewise, the 2021 budget includes funds for “affordable housing”, roads, the Möttlingen roundabout and street lighting.

The 2021 budget statute provides for an amount of 11,495 million euros in credit authorisations and 7.08 million euros in commitment authorisations.

Further task priorities for 2021 include the municipal enterprises. The 2021 asset plan for the  for fibre-optic expansion municipal enterprise provides on the expenditure side 1.5 million euros for the expansion of the broadband infrastructure in Möttlingen and 2.43 million euros for Monakam. 200,000 euros for the line extension from Unterhaugstett to Monakam and 390,000 euros for the town centre are also included in the budget. 1.145 million euros have been budgeted for expanding the FTTB network in Monbachtal and the Talwiesen industrial zone.

The municipal wastewater disposal enterprise plans investments especially in Unterlengenhardt, Unterhaugstett and in connection with the Möttlingen roundabout (sewer construction) and in the town centre (OD L 343). To finance this, the business plan provides for borrowing of 2,125 million euros. About 3.2 million euros in investments are planned for the municipal water supply enterprise in 2021. The conversion of the elevated tank Diebsfeld, Kaffehof II and the pipeline construction with 1.2 million euros is the most important measure.

In the municipal parking facilities, funds are earmarked, in particular for eight electric charging stations in the town centre and the town districts, as well as for the construction of the temporary parking lot in Reuchlinweg. In the “municipal recreation facilities”, funds have been allocated, in particular for the comprehensive renovation of the upper arch bridge in the spa gardens (330,000 euros, of which 140,500 euros is in investment grants) and the footpath near the miniature golf course (50,000 euros).

Schnelltestangebote für Bürger

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