High investments in kindergartens and schools

Draft investment plan approved

On one hand, the town will spend around 7 million euros on kindergartens and around 6 million euros on schools during the 2020 – 2024 planning period. On the other hand, our schools will be receiving subsidies of around 70%. The administration is also hoping for subsidies of 60 – 70% for the daycare centres.

In the Reuchlin schools, energy-efficient renovation will be carried out both this year and next year, especially in building sections III and IV. The total construction costs amount to around million euros, of which the state of Baden-Württemberg has generously provided 2.361 million euros in subsidies from the equalisation fund.

Energy-efficient renovation at the Unterhaugstett elementary school began in September this year. The energy-efficient renovation should be completed in spring 2021. The costs totaling 1.55 million euros will be offset by state subsidies amounting to 1.082 million euros. The elementary school in Möttlingen, which dates back to the 1960s, is also due for a comprehensive energy-efficient renovation. Construction costs will amount to around 1.05 million euros. After receiving 183,000 euros in specialist funding from the so-called KIF programme, the town has just received a subsidy notice from the state’s equalisation fund that amounts to 539,000 euros. This means that there are no more obstacles to implementing the measure during the coming year.

Focus will be on the kindergartens in Monakam, Unterlengenhardt and Möttlingen.

It will start with the kindergarten in Monakam. An annex will be built there in 2021. The town has purchased a piece of land adjacent to the kindergarten to be able to build this annex. The costs for this work are estimated to be 1.2 million euros. The construction work should be possible without having to close the kindergarten. The start of the project will depend on the grant being approved.

Applications will also be made for the Waldorf kindergarten in Unterlengenhardt in 2021. It is to move into the village centre from its current location. Various options are being discussed. The solution favoured by the administration and the village council is one in which the village hall can be used by the inhabitants, separately from the kindergarten. The costs for this version will amount to 2.25 million euros.

A budget of 2.5 million euros can be assumed for the church kindergarten in Möttlingen. The former Volksbank premises and land for the kindergarten’s outdoor area will also be acquired.

Regarding the planning for the new building yard, the administration is still in the process of determining the basics. After coordination with the municipal auditing office, the municipal council will deal with the issue in spring 2021.

Other topics such as housing the police in the town hall, the football field in the town centre as well as the digitisation and transmission of meetings were also discussed as part of the investment program.

According to the schedule, the in-house operations will be dealt with in December. The preliminary budget meeting is scheduled for the 19th January 2021. The overall budget is to be presented to the municipal council on the 26th January 2021. Adoption is scheduled for the 23rd February 2021.

The municipal council approved the investment plan by a majority (three abstentions and two votes against) up to 2024.