Tourism Minister, Guido Wolf handed over grants of nearly 1.3 million euros to Mayor, Dietmar Fischer

The state’s tourism structuring programme is providing 1.3 million euros to expand and make the Paracelsus thermal baths in Bad Liebenzell even more attractive.
The tourism minister, Guido Wolf, made a personal trip to Bad Liebenzell last Monday to hand over the grants to the mayor, Dietmar Fischer, and the CEO, Kerstin Weiss, in the presence of Thomas Blenke, a member of the state parliament.

Accordingly, a grant as high as € 74,000 has been awarded to extend the sauna recreation and relaxation area on the third floor of the Paracelsus thermal baths. According to the mayor, Dietmar Fischer, the total cost of the new recreation and relaxation area will amount to nearly half a million euros. Bad Liebenzell has received a grant of more than 1.2 million euros from the state for the technical expansion of the thermal baths, which will include a new relaxation and recreation area on the roof of the domestic wing. The total costs involved here will amount to nearly 3 million euros.
The sauna recreation and relaxation area will be moved from the second floor to the third floor and it will also be enlarged from 25 to 400 square metres. The open-air recreation and relaxation area on the first floor is currently spans 300 square metres and this will now be increased by 900 square metres up to a total of 1,200 square metres on the roof of the new domestic wing. The town will meet all of the fire protection requirements in the building’s new section. The currently cramped conditions will also be eliminated. This expansion will improve the working processes as well as occupational safety. The heating as well as the water treatment and water disposal processes will be moved from the basement to the ground floor.

Freizeit und Tourismus Bad Liebenzell GmbH (FTBL) has been on the right track with the thermal baths from the start of the year. An average of 750 guests visited the Paracelsus thermal baths every day by February 2020. In his welcoming address, the mayor, Dietmar Fischer, made it clear that the coronavirus had played havoc with this establishment’s income by the end of March. Visitor numbers are slowly increasing again after the reopening of the thermal baths. The average is now 450 visitors a day (an average of 650 is needed each day from an economic point of view).

Minister Wolf pointed out that an increasing number of people are spending their holidays close to their own homes owing to the coronavirus crisis. He praised the touristic efforts being made in the northern part of the Black Forest. In his opinion, investment in tourism is still needed despite the difficult budgetary situation caused by the coronavirus. Minister Wolf regards the two grants awarded to Bad Liebenzell as “well-invested money”.

Thomas Blenke, the member of the state parliament, described the state’s tourism infrastructure programme as a “true blessing” (total volume of 10 million euros). He was pleased that the share awarded to the district of Calw under this programme was relatively high. Both CEO Kerstin Weiss and the mayor, Dietmar Fischer hope for the inauguration of the new recreation and relaxation area on the third floor within the next six months and the domestic wing with an expanded relaxation area by the end of 2021 / start of 2022.

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