Requirement planning covering childcare facilities for 2020/21 – Agreed kindergarten fees waived for April / May 2020

During the July meeting of the municipal council, the committee decided unanimously on the requirement planning for the coming kindergarten year after holding preliminary consultations with the school, cultural and social committees.

Around 410 places are available for children in the eight daycare facilities in Bad Liebenzell, all of which are all almost full.

However, there are still shortages at some of the facilities.

The Waldorf kindergarten will be relocated and expanded in the Unterlengenhardt district. A two-group kindergarten will be planned accordingly through rebuilding and extending the village centre.

The increased demand for daycare places at the church daycare centres in Möttlingen and Monakam will be met in the medium term by rebuilding and extending so that each centre will have a total of four groups.

There is also a huge demand at the woodland kindergarten between Unterhaugstett and Möttlingen, so that the association, in conjunction with the town, is planning to add one group to make a total of four groups in order to create new places at short notice.

The largest facility in Bad Liebenzell is the Marienstift with a total of 130 seats.

The municipal kindergartens in Beinberg and Maisenbach-Zainen (one group each) and the two-group kindergarten in Unterhaugstett complete the choices for 1 – 6-year-olds.

Kindergarten fees waived for April / May – Partial reduction for June.

The daycare centres had to close mid-March 2020 as a result of the Corona crisis.

Emergency care services were established or the original services were partially resumed during this period and they were fully restored by the end of June. Financial support from the state has enabled the municipal council to waive the amounts previously suspended in April and May.

The committee acknowledged the fact that some children could not or could only partially use the daycare centres in June and it decided to reduce the monthly fee for June by either 25% or 50%.

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