Mill area urban planning competition – Results of the public survey

Ms Dickmann and Ms Kupferschmid from Stadtentwicklung GmbH Stuttgart presented the results of the public survey at the last meeting of the municipal council. Following the site visit and the subsequent presentation on 7 July 2020, it was still possible to submit the hard copy of the survey questionnaire or its soft copy via a website up to 17 July 2020.

A total of 191 questionnaires were received, of which 151 were completed online. Participation was completely anonymous and the results only applied to the mill area. The majority voted for a “general living area”. This was followed by “open and verdant countryside” with as high as 80 votes. Parking lots, retail, community and social issues were also high on the wish list. The most important aspects that emerged were the pathway between the lower and upper parts of the town with barrier-free transition as well as the ability to experience the Lengenbach.

Many people commented on the need for a meeting place for the young and old alike, a drugstore or even parking areas.

At its next meeting, the working committee responsible for the mill area’s urban planning competition will deal with the public mood and, in conjunction with Stadtentwicklung GmbH Stuttgart, they will also produce a concept that will also involve the municipal council.

The members of the working committee can be contacted as follows:

Tanja Poloczek

Joachim Eppel

Armin Jans

Simona Weber

Dietmar Lehmann-Schaufelberger

Lucas Wehner

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