Energy renovation at the Reuchlin schools with another subsidy of EUR 1,761 million – Awards and authorisations adopted

Mayor Dietmar Fischer was able to give the public some very good news right at the start of the municipal council meeting.

The state is supporting the town’s energy-related renovation measures with another fantastic grant of EUR 1,761 million from the so-called “equalisation fund”.

Total expenditure of EUR 3.3 million is planned for the school centre, of which EUR 2,361 million will be provided as subsidies (over 71%). The town received grants totalling EUR 600,000 from the municipal renovation fund in June 2018.

The municipal council was able to award further contracts (plastering and thermal insulation) during its most recent meeting. Stuckateur Häußler from Bad Liebenzell was awarded the contract after submitting the most economical offer of EUR ca. 58,000.00. Furthermore, the administration was also authorised to contract out the sanitary and ventilation work for the changing room and shower in the basement of Building IV during the summer holidays (ca. EUR 80,000.00).

The administration was also authorised to award the contract for window and sun protection work (EUR ca. 400,000.00) following a tender submitted in August as part of the energy-related renovation work at the Unterhaugstett primary school,

The overall renovation of this building, which is more than 55 years old, will start in September. The planned expenditure of EUR 1.55 million will be offset by financing grants totalling almost EUR 1.1 million.

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