Forest Management

On May 19, the municipal council and the forest administration decided on the forest management guidelines for the next ten years.

Karl-Heinz Stierle, responsible for forest management and hunting at the administrative district office, explained at the meeting that a lot of damaged wood had recurred. Stierle explained the methods and objectives of the forest management to the municipal council.

A look at the previous planning and the present condition of the forest provides the basis for planning.

At 348 hectares, about 58 percent of the town area is forested. One half of this area consists of fertile soil. In the other, the soil is either too acidic or too wet. At 86 percent, the majority of the trees are conifers. There are 389 solid cubic metres of stock per hectare in Liebenzell. The economic yield of the forest (50,000 on average per year) will certainly decline in the future.

The climate change is real and cannot be denied even in the case of the municipal forest. The hotter and drier climate leads to more damaged timber, which then floods the market and cuts the price.

Objectives: focus must be on the development objectives when it comes to the ecological field. Hollow trees and dead wood should be left standing where possible. Ecological compensation areas will also have to be found in view of the expansion of the Egarten industrial estate. The town will also take care of species protection. Capercaillie has settled down in the woods and the town wants to make sure that it stays that way.

Focus will be on a greater variety of trees to achieve our economic objectives. An increase in the proportion of deciduous trees is necessary.

The social component of the forest lies in the character of the recreational areas available to the population and our guests. Accordingly, it is a location factor for tourism in the spa town. In order to safeguard this, Stierle recommended liming the excessively acidic soil.

Furthermore, the new district chief administrator Alex Volkert introduced himself at the meeting. He is responsible for the communal and private forest and is looking forward to a good cooperation. Volkert expressed to the committee his openness to requests and suggestions.

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