News from our twin town of Villaines la Juhel

In a letter dated the 22nd April 2020 that was sent to Mayor Fischer, Mayor Daniel Lenoir reported on the corona crisis in our twin town’s commune. There too, the virus pandemic followed by the nationwide lockdown in France is paralysing public life.

Thank God – Villaines has not reported a single death in connection with the coronavirus so far, despite some people being infected. The local elections on the 15th of March this year were also characterised by the virus, as many citizens of Villaines did not go to the polling station as they were scared of becoming infected. There were two parties on the ticket, with Mayor Lenoir’s party being narrowly re-elected. The election for the mayor and his deputy will take place at a later date.

As far as the projects are concerned, the school in Villaines la Juhel is also in the process of being thoroughly renovated or rebuilt with a budget of around 1.8 million euros. Mayor Lenoir regretted the cancellation of the friendship meeting in Villaines la Juhel May this year and the partnership meeting in Lourinha in June. All of France hopes for the gradual relaxation of the stay-at-home restrictions from mid-May and the return to a normal social and economic life and so does Villaines. He also wished the same to the citizens and all friends from Bad Liebenzell.

Aktuelle Informationen zum Coronavirus

Liebe Bürgerinnen und Bürger,
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir möchten Sie über die Situation in Bad Liebenzell zum Thema Coronavirus informieren.

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